We manufacture individual orthoses and prostheses according to the latest methods.                            

1. We digitze the patient using the Structur Sensor, the first 3D-Sensor for mobile devices.
    With Captiva we can generate the 3D-Data of the digitization and store it on the iPad.


2. We work with a special software. This is created by orthopedic technicians and 
    tailored specifically to the problem of this area.
    The software is constantly evolving and adapted to changing needs.


3. Cube is the ideal complement, which we can modify, design and construct aids and products.


4. 3D printing technologies are finding their way into the production of individual aids
    as well as into prototypes and small batch production.
    Traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies complement each other.
    With our printers we manufacture orthoses, prosthetic stems and prototypes.
    We are in a constant development process with the aim of developing new products
    for our customers and improving efficiency and quality.



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Medicare GmbH
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